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Global Design Solutions working with clients.


While big corporations with all its resources are able to develop and source products anywhere in the world, many smaller companies are losing out on opportunities.  GDS was founded in 2010 by two partners to provide small businesses with similar capability to develop and source products globally but at a much more affordable cost.





Dung V. Dao, P.E.

A graduate from Temple University in 1983 with a BSME degree, Dung has acquired more than 27 years of progressive professional experience in management, engineering, projects, new product development and sourcing.  Dung’s experience covers all aspects of residential and commercial flooring, furniture and other non-flooring related products.   


Ed Zook

Ed Zook, a graduate from Penn State, has been developing valuable experience for over 24 years from design, engineering, team supervision, plant engineering and equipment, product development and sourcing.  Ed’s experience has been with all types of flooring materials, dust collection systems as well as in sales and startup venture.



We are experienced engineers and business entrepreneurs who have worked in many areas of engineering/consulting, product/process development, production and sourcing.  Having worked closely with partners in US, Europe and Asia for more than 25 years combined, GDS has developed an expansive and growing network of professionals and suppliers.  Given the opportunity, GDS can help or connect you to the type and level of services and sourcing that meet your specific requirements.